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History - Established in 2002.

To simplify the relationship and operations of small businesses and IT Support.  

Dwight Abel saw the benefits when companies dealt with technology in a proactive manner. They limited downtime, increased productivity and saved money. He also found companies more receptive to being proactive when they had a technology partner dedicated to this common goal. We believe so much in the benefits of proactive support, Dynamic created the IT MSA allowing our business partners unlimited and all-inclusive support for one low price.

Meet the Business Owner - Dwight A.                    

After Dwight Abel's many years in IT support and experience,

he became familiar with different support and business arrangements. He founded Dynamic Data Associates to deliver the benefit of scale enjoyed by large corporate IT departments to small businesses. He observed that small businesses need everything a large corporation does, but they didn't have the staff to develop and support it. He found it unfortunate small businesses experienced expensive time and material bills whenever they had major projects for new technology deployments, for routine support, or when things go wrong. These are all major hits to small businesses.  For the small business, the technology bottom line is a far greater percentage of revenue than that of any large corporation. Dwight designed Dynamic Data Assoc. to level the playing field, giving small businesses access to the staff and expertise of an IT department of their own!