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Offering a Comprehensive IT Support Partnership

Change is the Only Constant in Technology

It is funny everyone knows that technology is constantly changing and the only constant is change. So it is understandable most IT Support companies are as afraid of the cost of change as their customers and can't commit themselves to support agreements that are truly all-inclusive. They are more comfortable committing to basic core maintenance, covering the day-to-day support, keeping things running smoothly and monitoring same-change.jpgyour existing technology and equipment. Change to them, means extra charges as it is beyond the scope of their support agreement. When things go wrong they may even have extra charges for emergency support.

Dynamic Data understands that our role as a technology company is to support you like a partner. We bring our experience and knowledge to manage changing technology to meet your changing business needs. Changing technology is a fact and using new technology to benefit the company should be normal and day-to day and we make it that way. Emergencies happen and prevention is the key and our responsibility. So we have you covered! After all, that is what you should be paying for, right? Peace of mind …ahhhh.

We are the IT Department for Small Business

When we say "all-inclusive" we truly mean all-inclusive. That is why we call ourselves "The IT Department for Small Business". Our customers treat us that way – as salaried IT staff. For example, suppose you are supervising staff or perhaps you are a staff member.  When the boss asks, "Could you research a new accounting software or upgrade so it works with our CRM?" Does the staff say, "Ok, but that will be an extra charge"? Of course not, and neither will Dynamic Data Associates. We love to make you more productive and efficient.

unravel.pngRemember we are supporting your current system, so if there is a better way it helps you as well as us. We understand new technology costs money and money is a finite commodity and needs to be managed responsibly, so limiting surprise and being able to forecast and budget expenditures is how successful businesses operate. We don't charge or have limits on the number of times or hours we spend supporting your business's IT. You or your staff are free to call us without worry. If you have a question about new technology deployment or some little annoyance with in an application, we want to hear from you. We understand it is the little things that make the difference and little today can be big tomorrow. Like the proverbial loose thread on a sweater, chain reactions happen fast in IT.

Data Recovery Assurance

Emergencies and insurance go hand in hand. Are your data, applications, equipment and operations insured? Maybe you've insured your equipment and facilities, and you may have even purchased ;Business Interruption Insurance." Great. You may get some insurance money for downtime, lost business operations based on profits or a fixed cost. 

 But will it really be enough to cover lost future business or your reputation for not delivering to customers? Just as you would expect from an IT department, Dynamic Data Associates is prepared for a disaster and critical data recovery. We provide a level of coverage that meets your business needs, complete with drills. How do you know your data or more importantly your operations are safe unless you see it with your own eyes? We utilize multiple levels of technology as well as other technology solutions like local presence and delivery to assure you are up and operational quickly. Not all disasters are the same. Small file corruption issues can be resolved within minutes. Complete business infrastructure destruction can be recovered within hours at either: 1) a temporary physical location on temporary hardware or 2) we can host your complete business, equipment and applications in a secure virtual infrastructure accessible securely wherever you or your employees have internet access available. 

Custom Fit Plans

This all sounds expensive and it would be without the planning and experience of Dynamic Data Associates. We develop a comprehensive coverage plan specifically for you. The plan will match your business complexity, requirements and size. We support all levels of complexity to meet governmentsave money.jpg regulations and complex data, hardware and security requirements for: 1) Medical Facilities, 2) Investment Brokerages 3) Law firms and 4) Software Development Companies. We also have a great program for Home Based businesses that is 100% cloud hosted. Some small businesses need 100% staff availability disaster recovery plans with standby equipment, others just want data recovery. We can develop the plan that is predictable, flat, all-inclusive, and matches your needs and budget.

Investment in Knowledge

Investment in Knowledge.jpgThe greatest benefit of Dynamic Data Associates Inc. is our knowledge not just in the ever changing world of cutting edge technology, but also in your unique business. In our partnership with you, we make the upfront investment to understand your business, your business technology and how you use it, as well as your people -- who they are and what they want to accomplish. We educate ourselves about your specific software applications and data and how they work, and we research how best to preserve and protect it. This investment in knowledge serves both of us by reducing cost and resolving issues and requests efficiently.  When you contact us we already know your IT environment and can immediately get to work. After all, we are your IT Department. 

The Peace of Mind of a Dynamic Data Associates Partnership

In the business and technical world of change, let Dynamic Data Associates be your constant.Dynamic Data Associates Inc.jpg  Dynamic Data Associates will be there, prepared and ready. Our proactive, all-inclusive partnership delivers the knowledge, the budget, the emergency preparedness, and much, much more, but most of all we bring the peace of mind every small business should have.